A Sunny Sunday in London

Today was a perfect sunny day so I put on my favourite summer dress and jumped on my beloved Dutch Bike “Oma” for an easy ride through the city. First I headed to St James Park one of my favourite London parks. I looped around the park and then decided to chill between the beautiful blossoms and the pond.

Dutch Bike Ladies Omafiets

As I was making my way to leave the park I spotted a small group of families setting off on a ride, they had a menagerie of different bikes between them including a gorgeous teal Omafiets, a family cargo box bike with shark jaws printed on it and all sorts of other adult and kids bikes. It's great to see families with kids on bikes all together enjoying the sunshine.

Family cycling with cargo box bikes

From St James Park I headed over to Camden Town for a bit of a graffiti hunt. I love street art and London has abundance of amazing graffiti, murals and sculptures everywhere if you keep your eye out for it; Camden apparently has over 100 artworks, some by world famous artists! On Sunday I discovered a portrait of Amy Winehouse by Osch (Otto Schade) known for his ribbon style artwork.

Day out on a Dutch Bike

But the real gem is Hartland Street. Not only that the street is very picturesque with a row of pastel coloured houses; but as well hosts an amazing mural by Dan Kitchener. This graffiti needs to be seen, as photos can't do it justice.

Dutch Bike Popal County Roll

From Camden I pedalled down to Granary Square near Kings Cross known for it’s fountain with an incredible 1,080 choreographed jets, each individually controlled and lit. The jets squirt and splash in patterns, surprising and delighting kids of all ages. It’s the perfect way to cool off on a warm day.

Dutch bike in summer with ice cream

I traded running through the fountain for an amazing ice cream by a local producer Ruby Violet. Ruby Violet use the most simple and sometimes unusual ingredients to produce their ice creams and sorbets. Initially I wanted to stay in my ice cream comfort zone (if such thing exists!) with raspberry flavour but decided to try something entirely different and new - Lavender flavour! The first spoon was a tad confusing but then it turned to be yummy! Oh and Ruby Violet move around on a beautiful cargo trike!

Cargo bikes backfiets box bikes

Then it was time to head back to Hoxton. I decided to go along Regents Canal to Angel and then take some quiet streets to Hoxton. The canal paths are great off road cycleways but you need a bell to signal when you come around a corner or just to warn the pedestrians as the canal paths can be very busy.

Urban city and town bikes


Bike: Popal County Roll+ in Petrol Blue / Cyclop Bikes 

Bike Bag: Elston in Natural / Cyclop Bikes 

Ice cream: www.rubyviolet.co.uk 



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