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History of our brands: POPAL

Popal - Trendy Dutch bikes at a Fair Price 

Popal Dutch Bikes  The Popal story is one of dreaming, daring and doing. Brothers Sley, Daniël and Aryan Popal were introduced at an early age to entrepreneurship by their father Mr. Popal. From his furniture business in Utrecht, Mr Popal taught his sons the tricks of the trade: sell good-quality products and provide a good service. That's what entrepreneurship is all about: seeing a satisfied customer walk out the door knowing that they will be happy to return.

The Popal family was always great at listening to their customers. Initially Mr Popal, used bikes to attract customers to his furniture shop. However the bikes turned out to be more popular than the furniture; and the customers were asking for more. In 1999, the family got together to make plans. The furniture business was transformed into a shop supplying everything you could possibly need for your bike.

The customers were satisfied, but there was something missing. It turned out that the Dutch bike market consisted mainly of either expensive luxury models or cheap disposable ones. A good bike for a fair price didn't actually exist on the Dutch bike scene. The Popal brothers felt that there was room for improvement, and decided to produce good quality bikes themselves, at a reasonable price. The first genuine Popal bike rolled off the assembly line in 2003. Since then, the company has developed countless models: from transporter bikes to folding bikes and everything in between.

With more than 300 models in the collection, and more than 250 dealers in the Netherlands and abroad, that little furniture business on the Kanaalstraat in Utrecht has grown into a fully-fledged European bike brand. Popal continues to dream big with the aspiration “a Popal bike in every shed in the Netherlands, for young and old”.  We love Popal bikes and what this family run business is all about, so we decided to distribute these great bikes in the UK and the rest of Europe.

To browse our collection of Popal bikes click here. If you would like a bike in specification or colour not listed in our bike shop, drop us an email and we will see what we can do. 


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