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Amladcykler Electric Long John

Assembling, Maintenance and Useful Information

This is the easiest model to assemble as it arrives in one long box due to the frame specification; the box, front wheel, front fender, parking stand, handlebars and saddle require assembling. You do not need any special skills or tools - just a wrench, Allen key, screwdrivers, standard bike grease and a bit of time. 

Please review the assembling instructions to get an idea how much work is required to put the bike together (please note that a printed copy of assembling instructions is not included in the bike box). 

The bike comes at very competitive prices as it requires assembling; however, if you are not confident with DIY projects, you can hire a local mobile bike mechanic or a handyman to help you with this project. Alternatively, you can make arrangements with your local bike workshop and we will ship your bike directly there. 

Maintenance: the bike may need readjustment service within the first 25-50km (15-30miles) or around after 6 weeks since the first use. Then the bike should be serviced every 500km (300 miles). 

The bike comes with EU plug so you will need a standard EU to UK adaptor to charge the battery. 

The recommended tire pressure is 65 psi 

Your bike has a unique serial/frame number; please make a note or take a photo of the number and keep it safe.