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cadence STStransmitter Topline 2009/12/16 black

cadence STStransmitter Topline 2009/12/16 black

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Sigma cadence transmitter

This small transmitter keep the momentum going. The optimum support for training and competition is the Sigma STS Cadence transmitter is not only essential for athletes. it is equipped with a pivot function For a better position with respect to the magnet.

Colour Black
Material: Can sts tof
Size: 6 x 5.5 x 1.5 cm

Suitable for:
BC 14:16 STS
BC 14:16 STS CAD
BC 16:16 STS
BC 16:16 STS CAD
BC 23:16 STS
BC 16:09
BC 19 09
BC 22:09
BC 16:12
ROX 5.0
ROX 6.0
ROX 8.0
ROX 8.1
ROX 9.1

Cadence 1 Transmitter
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