Classic Family Cargo bike

Classic Cargo Bike

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Classic Cargo Bike from Amladcykler is perfect for family rides with two children and a cot or a dog (max capacity 4 children). This Danish family bike has 6 external Shimano Tourney gearbox, parking brakes on both front wheels and comes with detachable transparent panorama canopy cover. Amladcykler is a Danish bike manufacturer specialising in high-quality durable carrier bikes that are solid, traffic safe and usable in all kinds of weather for many years.

The price is inclusive of shipping to the UK mainland. 

Bike specification:

• Black frame (5 treatments containing: Paint, lacquering, anti-rust treatment and anti-stone chips sealing)/Black box
• 6 external Shimano Tourney(SIS) gear with the freewheel and a Shimano gear shifter
• Tekro Aries disk front brakes  & 1 back break (V-break)
• Parking brakes on both front wheels
• 24" Front wheels/Kenda and 26" back wheel/Kenda tire
• Aluminium rims with heavy duty stainless spokes
• Wide, high-quality artificial leather seat with absorption and extra comfort, that can be adjusted in height
• Ergonomic handlebar, that can be adjusted in height
• Luggage carrier with straps
• Strong wheel guard on all wheels and chain guard
• Powerful LED head- and rear light
• Several reflectors and bell
• Detachable transparent Panorama canopy/cover
• Rain cover
• Seat belt for 2 children (Y-belts)
• Seats for 2 children
• Room for carrycot
• Footboard for children
• The box is suitable for maximum 4 children
• The box bottom and children seat are covered with anti-slip material
• Only approx. 45 kilos excluding additional gear i.e. ”Light/Lightweight model”
• Loading capacity 150 kilos
• 225cm X 120cm X 84cm (L X H X W). Box 95cm X 59cm (L X W)
• Danish VIN number (stelnummer/serial number)

  • • 2 years warranty

• The bike part comes 90% assembled, you need to assemble the cargo part - the front box and its frame; the assembling instructions are at the bottom of this listing, please take time to review it.

  • Depends on your location, we may be able to help you to find a mobile bike mechanic who would come to your home and assemble the bike for you - please contact us for more details.

SHIPPING: This is a Danish bike and it will be shipped to you directly from Danmark by courier in approximately 7 - 10 working days. The price is inclusive of shipping from Denmark to the UK mainland. For other destinations, please contact us. 

Our cargo bikes come with two years warranty on non-moving parts.
The warranty is not valid for light corrosion and the tires. The warranty is also subject to the bike being used reasonably and in accordance with specifications.

Assembling and servicing 

The bike part arrives 90% assembled; the cargo part - the box and frame require assembling. You do not need any special skills or special tools - just a wrench, Allen key, screwdrivers, standard bike grease and time. Please review the assembling instructions to get an idea how much work is required to put the bike together.

The bike comes at a very competitive price as it requires assembling; however, if you are not confident with DIY projects, you can hire a local mobile bike mechanic or a handyman to help you with this project.

Depends on your location, we may be able to help you to find a professional to would come to your home and assemble the bike for you - please contact us for more details.

Maintenance: the bike may need readjustment service within the first 25-50km (15-30miles) or around after 6 weeks since the first use. Then the bike should be serviced every 500km (300 miles). 

Please get in touch if you have any questions and thank you for visiting our shop. 

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