Ladies Dutch Bike Omafiets Style in Green colour

Daily Dutch Prestige N3 RB [step through]

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Popal Daily Dutch Prestige N3 RB is a trendy bike relatively lightweight thanks to an aluminium yet traditional Omafiets style frame, classic Dutch front trunk, equipped with Shimano Nexus 3 speed gearbox and Shimano roller brakes (drum brakes). A perfect transportfiets style bike for your daily errands. 

Bike specification:
Wheel size: 28 inch
Frame: Aluminium
Frame size: 50cm or 57 cm
Fork: Unicrown
Lights:  Led front and rear
Gearbox:  Shimano Nexus 3 RB (3 speed)
Rear brake: Rollerbrake Shimano 
Front brake: Rollerbrake Shimano
Lock: Integral frame lock
Carrier: front and back
Tires: CST Metropolitan Palm Bay
Saddle: Fijn
Included: Double kickstand, mudguards, chainguard, bell
Available in: Black Matt, Petrol Blue, Dark Blue or Shadow Green

IMPORTANT: This is a Dutch bike and it will be shipped to you directly from Holland by courier in: 
- 6-8 days to England
- 7-9 days to Scotland and Wales 
- 8-11 days to Northern Ireland 

Shipping to mainland UK and EU is included in the price. 

Assembly and servicing
Our bikes come 80% assembled, all that needs to be done is to insert the front wheel, fit the mudguard, pedals, saddle, and handlebars -  there is a short video "How to assemble Popal bike" in the tab "Useful info".

If you don't have much experience in bike maintenance/assembling, we recommend taking your bike to a qualified bike mechanic to make sure your bike is assembled correctly and ready for riding. If you are London based you can purchase assembling service from our professional bike workshop based in Hoxton [£25 per bike].

Thereafter the bike requires a six weeks adjustment service (standard practice for all new bikes); regular servicing is important to your safety and the longevity of your bike.

All our bikes come with a one-year standard warranty. 

The warranty is not valid for light corrosion and the tires. The warranty is also subject to the bike being used reasonably and in accordance with specifications (for example, not unreasonably overloading the bike).

Please get in touch if you have any questions and thank you for visiting our shop. 

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