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headlight Bumm Lumotech E-bike front fork black

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Büsch & Müller Bumm Lumotech headlight

This is a premium quality LED headlight with a powerful beam of no less than 30 Lux! With the optical reflector and reflex reflector you are sure to stand out in traffic. This robust headlight is suitable for a battery of 6 to 42 volts. The on/off switch is easy to operate, even with gloves on. The headlight is easily attached to the front fork crown piece. Then connect the lamp to the battery using a light cord.

Color: black
Material: plastic
Bicycle type: electric bicycle
Type of lighting: led
Power supply: battery (6-42 Volt)
Light output: 30 lux
Mounting: front fork with supplied lamp bracket

1 Headlight
1 Lamp bracket