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Nordic Cab: Urban

Nordic Cab: Urban

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The Urban bike trailer and stroller

In the Urban kids' trailer and stroller, Nordic Cab has gathered years of experience and feedback and made what they consider to be the optimal trailer with high-end finishes and added luxuries.

Comfortable seats with individual adjustment

Urban has a “one of a kind” double seat where you can individually adjust each seat into the perfect sitting or sleeping position – because every child is different. The seats are easy to adjust with a lever placed under the base of each seat.

Comfort is important and Nordic Cab has optimised the cushions on Urban with extra airy and well padded seats and headrests.

In addition, all Nordic Cab trailers feature a 5-points seat harness as standard.

Impressive wheels

As well as Nordic Cab individual suspension system, the Urban back wheels also feature a shock absorber for optimal riding comfort. All Nordic Cab trailers feature extra large wheels at the back as standard.

At the front, the double set of stroller wheels make the trips to school or the supermarket so much more comfortable.

The bike attachment is fixed in place, making it easy to convert from stroller to bike trailer when you are out and about.

An all-weather kids´ trailer

With Urban’s additional ventilation hatches, the air enters from the sides and exits through the back, giving a comfortable but not disturbing the flow of air in the cabin. The ventilation can be adjusted according to weather and climate.

Nordic Cab trailers are built for the weather in Norway! Therefore the Urban trailer is fitted with waterproof zippers so you can be out and about even in the pouring rain.

Urban has a conveniently located top hatch just in front of the handlebar so that when you are out walking or jogging, you can see your children at all times.

Safe and visible with the Urban trailer

Safety is always at the forefront of Nordic Cab minds, so included as standard are safety flag, LED light and reflective materials for excellent visibility. In addition, the Urban trailer comes with a safety-strap which attaches to the trailer and your wrist; as well as  Nordic cab safe-pull system – which gives you that added security when pulling a trailer with your bike or e-bike.

Storage as standard

The Urban kids' trailer has a roomy storage pocket at the back and in addition, a storage area underneath the trailer.

It also features pockets on the inside, next to each seat.

Other standard features on the Urban kids´ trailer include:
adjustable handlebar,
the front panel opens easily with one hand for quick access
foot operated parking brake,
handbrake on the handlebar,
magnetic easy attachment
shock absorber
double set stroller wheels
disk brakes
individually adjustable seats
water-resistant zippers
smart Sideflow ventilation
top hatch for easy view of the interior
reflective wheel rims for added visibility,
UV protected windscreens with integrated sunscreens
safety flag,
retractable wheel guard for when you go strolling or jogging, and
easy and compact folding, the wheels are removed using a click button


Wheels 20’ Inch
Children 1-2
Weight 15kg
Seat shoulder height 30cm*
Seat height 71cm*
Dimensions folded (W x L x H) 70 x 92 x 45cm
Dimensions assembled (W x L x H) 81 x 111 x 95cm
Min width of door to pass through 80cm
2-in-1 as the standard Bike trailer
Optional accessories (not included) Jogger
Ski sled (Pulka)
Nordic Cab strollers are tested and approved in accordance with:
-Cycle trailers (EN 15918: 2011+A1:2013)
-Wheeled child conveyances (EN 1888)
Testing was performed by an independent control body (SGS)
* Measures can vary slightly depending on the assembly