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Front Wheel Light

VeloHalo® Bike Wheel Lights - Diamond White

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HIKARI BIKEHALO™ BIKE WHEEL LIGHTS with custom-made LED cables to transform the wheels of your bicycle into unmissable spinning discs of light. White for the front you'll be unmistakably recognised as a cyclist. Drivers will give you more room on the road. You'll be given greater peace of mind when cycling.

100% waterproof. Rechargeable USB battery.  

One full charge will power your bike wheel lights for 30 hours when on flashing-mode, 15 hours when solid-mode. Typical door-to-door commutes average 30 minutes each way. Hikari BikeHalo™ Bike Wheel Lights would need charging about once a month.

Fits 99% of wheels. 
Zero tools required. Our bike wheel lights fit snugly to your wheel hub. The LED cable loops around each spoke along the inner edge of your wheel. Keep BikeHalo™ on your bike 24/7. During the day, you'll barely notice it is there. At night -  wait for the compliments! 

USB rechargeable
100% rainproof (IP65)
Two modes – flashing (30-hour battery life), steady (15-hour battery life)
Fits snugly to bike wheel hub
Unnoticeable during day
15 minute per wheel fitting time
Fits 99% of wheels
Zero tools needed to fit

Included in kit:
1x 2.7m long, vinyl coated DiamondWHITE LED cable (this loops between your spokes)
1x USB rechargeable battery container (this secures to your wheel hub)
1x USB rechargeable battery (10-20 hour battery life)
24x Custom-made zip ties (these secure the LED cable to your spokes)
Simple installation guide

Free delivery for UK mainland. We ship worldwide - please contact us for details. VeloHalo lights are shipped directly from the manufacturer based in the UK, estimated shipping time is 3 to 5 working days.